Wednesday, February 28, 2007

About the Afghan....

After reading Felicia's interview and some of your comments I am kind of warming up to the afghan. It was kitsch - or something to remind you of home - maybe your grandma made it.

Or maybe it was a tasteless piece of crap.

What do you think?

Click here for our poll.

Also remember you can still vote in our "Who should have won?" and "Who should have been latered?" polls here.

BTD Interview With Felicia Bushman

Before being cast on Top Design, Felicia Bushman already had an amazing set of life experiences on her resume' - marathon runner, triathlete, personal assistant to Nicole Kidman. But interior design has always been her passion.

Pegged early on as the ditzy SoCal beauty, Felicia's talent and sophistication ultimately overshadowed Bravo's attempts to brand her. As we learn in this revealing interview, there is much more to Felicia than what meets the eye:

BTD: Felicia, we were surprised once again by the elimination decision last week. Was it a harder experience living through it or watching it again on TV?

FB: Completely surprised. I thought I was completely safe up against Ryan whose room was a disaster and who proved himself incompetent week after week. He had been in the bottom three each week and I hadn’t been even close. I mean, how could you compare the two of us?? Sure he’s a talented artist but he is far from an interior designer. None of his rooms even functioned properly! Going into his room I felt like I was walking into a prison cell or worse, HELL! God only knows what my client would have done to herself if she had of had to live in THAT room! I might have saved her from a worse fate than just shooting herself! ;-)

Seriously, I didn’t think my room was the best that week, I will be the first to admit that garage sale hunting is not my forte but my room was certainly not the worst!

BTD: You knew you wanted to be an interior designer since the age 7. What was your childhood bedroom like?

FB: I was raised by a single mother who worked at home and struggled to make ends meet. She was an artist and quite clever with space herself. When she had to get a roommate to help cover the cost of rent, I lost my room. She managed to create an adorable “fortress” for me out of the closet that was under the staircase. I LOVED that room, she built a bed for me, wired a wall sconce, painted it my favorite color of pale pink, I was in heaven, it was my really cool cubby. I’m telling you, she would have done much better in that garage sale, college dorm room challenge than I did!

BTD: You are an experienced marathon and triathlon athlete. How does your fitness philosophy influence your design aesthetic?

FB: Athletic challenges are just like design challenges. When you are designing and building a space you have to be in it for the long haul. You can’t just entertain the idea, you really have to follow through. I can never quit during a race just as I can never leave a project unfinished or a client unsatisfied, it’s the same mentality.

Click here to read the rest of our fascinating interview with Felicia as we touch on Tom and Nicole, Prada, Jerry Seinfeld and even Three 6 Mafia!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's Heather!

BTD welcomes back "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Episode 4:

“Do you really want to be an interior designer?”

Such a loaded question Margaret posed to Ryan in the white room. Did you force a sports themed bed or a princess dresser on your parents as a child? Were you empowered by that first trip to IKEA when the Lak shelf struck you as sublime? Then you have been a designer. However, what Margaret refers to is completely different and actually speaks to an age-old question: can art exist without commerce? And without commerce, how is art ultimately valued? Or was she just irritated with Ryan for taking it too far?

I really do have to get a few things out of the way. Did anyone one else notice that the words Otis School of Design were dubbed? Hmmmmm. And Zeal was paired with Goil? Was it me or was Andrea’s student so besotted by Andrea that his opinion could be summed up by the word “dude!”? I had a hard time placing Felicia’s student until the judge’s walk thru when I had an All About Eve moment. That kitten has claws F, do not let her intern!

Click here to continue reading Heather's take on Episode 4 - she actually likes Ryan's room!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


We are nearly halfway through Top Design and one thing is clear: your recaps have been much more entertaining than the show itself. Let's check in to see who is still with us:

Tom & Lorenzo: "Put that crack pipe down, crimpy!"...

Moi thinks we should re-title this feature "Recrapalooza"...

Linda Merrill is brilliant, go read her take now!

Hair growth is one of the known side effects from reading Eric3000 recaps. Hey, I'll try anything...

Don't miss Andrea Keller's exclusive take at FBLA...

The Grits to Glitz girls are still hanging in there, barely...

Elisa pegs one of the key reasons that Top Design pales in comparison to Project Runway...

Pink Navy sees a trend regarding designers of a certain age...

As Top Design takes a week off, so does the Recapalooza. We'll see you again in March!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Congratulations, Carisa!

Being a student of interior design yourself, you understood your client's needs. You also had to do some quick thinking after you encountered a little carpentry-related snafu. In the end, you were able to pull it all together to give your client a beautiful living space. Congratulations, Carisa!

Let's use this post to congratulate Carisa; only positive words belong in the comments please.

Send Some BTD Love to Felicia

You were part of last week's winning Team Tahiti, helping to create an ethereal Tahitian hut. This week, you gave your client a sophisticated-looking room, incorporating bold colors your client had asked for. But sadly, the afghan you picked up at the garage sale didn't sit well with the judges. We will miss your cheery attitude, your bright smile and your sharp sense of fashion.

This post is only for positive comments about Felicia.

Your Turn to be the Judge - Episode 4

We saw the rooms that the designers created and now it is your turn to weigh in on the results. This week you get to be Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, Margaret Russell and Joe Stewart. Click here to tell us which designer should have won the challenge. Click here to tell us the designer you think should have heard, "See you later, decorator."

Rooms at the left, from top to bottom, Andrea's, Carisa's, Erik's, Felicia's, Goil's, Matt's, Michael's and Ryan's. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reactions to Episode 4

In a surprise result, Carisa wins and Felicia is latered! Post your reactions to Episode 4 here.

Episode 4 Party!

It's a well established fact: the BTD party room has been clinically proven to enhance one's personal enjoyment of Bravo's engaging new competition reality series, Top Design. (Is engaging too generous?)

Oh, who are we fooling? We're all just sitting around the bar waiting for Season 4 of PR to start. Why not pass the time throwing some darts at our favorite reality targets? Come one, come all, the party room is open!

BTD Live Play-By-Play: Episode 4

Is everyone holding their breath in antcipation of tonight's episode of Top Design?

I didn't think so.

Regardless, Tbone is back for your time-filling amusement as he provides live play by play coverage Episode 4: Diamond In The Rough. This thread is for Tbone's posting only. Follow all of the drama here and make sure to belly up to our party room bar above!

Poll Results For Episode 3

Our poll results are in for Episode 3 and you told us your opinions. In our 'Who Should Have Won' poll, you agreed with the judges that Team Tahiti had the best cabana. In the 'Who Should Have Been Latered' poll, you felt that Ryan needed to go. You can click on each of the pictures to see how you voted.


Four designers down and seven to go, who will get latered tonight? BTD will be on hand in full force with our usual line-up: Tbone's play-by-play, the party room and the reactions thread.

Also, you will want to tune in tonight to Watch What Happens on immediately following Top Design as Andy Cohen welcomes in Margaret Russell as his special guest. You can e-mail your questions for Margaret now. Make sure to let us know if your question gets read on air.

Come join the Wednesday night fun on BTD!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here's Heather! - Episode 3

BTD welcomes back "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Episode 3:

Topless Women and Motorboats

I’m not sure what happened, but I can only assume the hangover became a bender and the powers that be at Blogging Top Design are too busy doing shots and Karaoke to watch content so I snuck back in. Seriously, thank you for all the positive comments. Big ups to Blogging Top Design asking and Bravo for letting me.

Episode 3….well to be honest, once the teams were discovered, I knew the outcome, so instead I focused my other loves: fashion and boys. Michael said it “It takes a gay village to build a cabana.” Allow me to translate. Interior design is never the product of one person. Like film, it takes a well connected group of people to execute a successful project. Team St. Tropez and Team Tahiti both were lucky enough to have the input of an architect. Team Miami, created a great structure, but Goil and Andrea’s influence took the cabana off the beach and elevated a simple place to escape the sun to a conceptual sculpture. Team Miami was working behind the eight ball from go.

Click here to continue reading Heather's "graphic" take on fashion, half-naked boys and cabanas.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Video - Designer Reactions

Click here for a brief video in which six of the designers disclose their first reactions to learning that they were cast on Bravo's Top Design.

You can also click here to watch videos that show designer wannabes that didn't make it onto the show.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

From The Mailbox

"Latered" has quickly become the accepted term for the eliminated contestants on Top Design....and it all started with an innocent comment left here by our Megan. Who knew?

Preview Videos - Episode 4, "Diamond in the Rough"

Click here for the Bravo's preview video for Top Design's fourth installment.You can click here for Yahoo's Top Design preview. And click here for another preview of the designers in the workroom.

It's back to the boxes. Let the speculation begin.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Trixie is not happy. I mean, she's really not happy. Will she return next week? Don't miss this and other great posts at kora in hell.

Moi is having a lot of fun at Top Design's expense. This week: sand peppers, sherbet, Miami Vice and fried rear ends...

On the other hand, throw a few sweaty, shirtless carpenters in front of the Rungay boys and Top Design becomes an Emmy contender...

Pink Navy: Fairy Potter and the Prisoners of Azkabanas...

Linda Merrill would make a great judge...

Elisa asks: has any of these folks ever actually used a cabana?

Eric3000 continues with his secret surveillance program...

The Grits to Glitz girls are short on chat, long on complaining about the beach...

And Kate at FBLA has some exclusive insight from Andrea Keller.

Thanks for keeping it fun recappers! If you have one to share, e-mail the team at BTD.

Friday, February 16, 2007

BTD Interview With Elizabeth Moore

Our interview series with the latered contestants continues this week as we catch up with Elizabeth Moore. We were shocked when Jonathan Adler called out her name, and so was Elizabeth:

BTD: Elizabeth, we remain in disbelief over your elimination. Our jaws literally hit the floor. Were you as surprised as we were?

EM: Yes I was surprised. I could not believe that they stretched that far to hone in on a color as the reason I was to go. The colors were absolutely a mutual decision. When discussing the color we started talking about the qualities that provided a respite, organic soothing environment. Erik picked the Green, it was Matt who picked the Gray and I just made a comment that said 'you know I had a dream about Burgundy last night', and it was Matt and Erik who said, 'well I will take that'.... and boom, our colors where born. If anything, I was not sure about our choice, nor was I happy with the colors. I just knew that we needed to make it work.

By the time Todd had come to mention it to us, the paint had been purchased. I did not sleep well the first night as I thought the color was far from what I would naturally pick. The fact that I was held accountable for the color and to be called 'Passive Aggressive' to me was mean-spirited and so incredibly off.

I have had so many emails from strangers expressing how disappointed they are and how I was an inspiration to them. I suppose if I was to have this reflected back to me on such a large scale, I was not the only one surprised. There are 2 judges in particular who use green quite a bit in their choices, it all became so weird especially when I did not pick the color!

Click here to continue reading our interview with Elizabeth as she talks about her time working for Prince, what it felt like being the Homecoming Queen and her love for her exceptional son. She also has her own suggestion for a new Top Design catch-phrase!

Shown below: Grandma chair by Elizabeth.

BTD Exclusive - Party at Berry/Keller

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick little note and let everyone know that I was able to attend a viewing party for this past week's episode of "Top Design" thrown by the truly fab-u-lous Andrea and Felicia! Too. Much. Fun.

The party was thrown in downtown Los Angeles at Berry/Keller, the architectural firm where Andrea works. It was an awesome loft space, all clean and sleek - just where you would expect a top designer to work! When I arrived, the previous episode of TD, "Child's Play," was being projected onto the wall. It was just like being at the movies! (You can actually see the big a** projection in the picture with me and the grrrls.) I didn't know at that point, obviously, that Andrea and Felicia were going to win that night's episode, but there was definitely a sparkle in the air.

Felicia was the first one I spotted and when I approached her she was warm and lovely and as you can see from the picture, totally Swimsuit Illustrated sexy in her bikini. Meow!!! Andrea arrived a couple of minutes later looking adorable in a navy blue baby-doll type dress. She is quite striking in person - I didn't expect her to be so tall! They then introduced me to the effervescent and animated Heather- she had such a great energy and was supah funny.

All of the gals were extremely friendly and told me what they could about the show without giving anything away. From the previous week's episode, I was curious to know why all the painting had to be done on the first day (John had remarked that he couldn't do painting on the second day.) They explained that the furniture is on loan from the Pacific Design Center and couldn't risk having wet paint on it. Makes sense, but it still seems limiting.

I was also curious to know if they had been given a tour of the PDC so they knew where to go. All three, since they are from LA, had knowledge of the center but they were left to go at it like a scavenger hunt. But having that knowledge didn't always help as stores they knew or loved were sometimes closed during the filming. And unlike the "Project Runway" contestants while shopping at Mood, there was absolutely no haggling or bargaining on the prices of the furniture. Bummer, right?

I also asked about how the editing was treating everyone. All said that it was pretty true to form and that the characters were being presented fairly so far. Andrea did comment, though, that so much of the painstaking work - the hours and hours of labor that go into each design - pretty much ended up on the cutting room floor.

The episode started and of course there was raucous applause and hootin' and hollerin' every time the girls came on screen. It was so cool to be present when Andrea and Felicia rightfully claimed victory at the end of the episode. Seriously, how gorgeous was that cabana with those luscious, flowy curtains? Calgon, take me away! It was dreamy.

At the conclusion of the episode, there was an audible gasp from the crowd when Elizabeth was eliminated. I certainly didn't see it coming and I don't think the rest of the crowd did either. As I was saying my goodbyes, I asked Andrea if the cast had been totally surprised by the judges decision and she said that they were.

It was a fantastic evening and many thanks to Berry/Keller for giving me the grand opportunity to attend!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Click Here for Yawnur's Take on Child's Play

Also, does anyone know what these vials (pictured below) are for? Are they a dispenser of some sort? Any ideas?

Read What Kathryn Ireland Had to Say

Click here to read a statement from Kathryn Ireland regarding the cabanas that the designers created and the challenge she faced as a judge.

Want to know more about Kathryn? Click here to read her judge bio.

Congratulations, Felicia, Michael and Andrea!

You had limited time to develop a concept and carry out your vision and yet you managed to create an inspired fantasy space. You worked as a team, each pulling your own weight and utilizing your special skills. You noticed the details that made your cabana clearly say 'Tahiti.' Well done, Felicia, Michael and Andrea.

Let's use this post to congratulate this fabulous team; only positive words belong in the comments please.

Send Some BTD Love to Elizabeth

You were part of the first winning team and in this outing you proved again that you could work well with others. This week you stepped up to lead and it seemed that your only sin was that you picked strong colors that your team approved. We admired your professionalism and the quiet way you always got the job done, remaining serene no matter what twist was thrown your way.

This post is only for positive comments about Elizabeth.

Your Turn to be the Judge - Episode 3

We saw the cabanas that the designers created and now it is your turn to weigh in on the results. This week you get to be Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, Margaret Russell and Kathryn Ireland. Click here to tell us which team should have won the challenge. Click here to tell us the designer you think should have heard, "See you later, decorator." Note: in the 'Latered' poll we have not included Erik as he had immunity.

Cabanas at the left, from top to bottom, Team Miami (Elizabeth, Matt, Erik) Team Tahiti (Michael, Andrea, Felicia), Team Saint Tropez (Ryan, Carisa, Goil). Click on the picture for a larger view.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reactions To Episode 3

Has Top Design found its sea legs, or is this ship still stuck in the sand? Post your reactions to Episode 3 here.

Episode 3 Party!

It's flip-flops and swimsuits tonight on the BTD party patio as we celebrate tonight's broadcast of Top Design Episode 3: Life's A Beach. We have our own private cabana reserved on a prime spit of sand looking over the snark-infested waters. Come on in, it's party time!

BTD Live Play-By-Play: Episode 3

Tbone is back for live play-by-play coverage of Episode 3. Follow all the action as he provides a detailed description of tonight's drama as it is broadcast live from the EST. Remember this thread is for Tbone's use only. Party people report above!

Poll Results For Episode 2

Our poll results are in for Episode 2 and you told us your opinions. In our 'Who Should Have Won' poll, you said that Goil had the best room. In the 'Who Should Have Been Latered' poll, you felt that John needed to go. You can click on each of the pictures to see how you voted.


Tonight, don't forget to join us for our weekly "Live Party." As usual, Tbone will provide the play-by-play coverage for Episode 3. The rest of us can dish about the epiosde – as it happens – in the Party thread.

Then immediately following the episode, click onto Bravo to catch Andy Cohen's live recap show, Watch What Happens! Andy's special guests this week: Top Design lead judge, Jonathan Adler, and his favorite bloke and partner, Simon Doonan. They'll be answering viewers' questions, one of which will no doubt be about the much-talked-about "See you later, decorator" catchphrase.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. We <3 you guys!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

BTD Interview With John Gray

BTD continues its series of interviews with the "latered" contestants as we check in this week with John Gray. John was at the center of all the drama in the first two episodes and after reading his interview, we definitely wish he had hung around longer:

BTD: Hi John, we had just started getting to know you and now you’re gone! Was it harder living it or watching it all play out again on TV?

JG: It was much harder going through it live, weirdly enough it felt better watching it on TV because I was basically on human auto pilot after I heard my name. I just had a horrible knot in my stomach ......iccckkk yukky feeling lol

BTD: You were an early favorite to win it all in our pre-season poll. Did you have your friends and family voting for you?

JG: I have a great base of clients and I am sure they voted but as far as I can tell it accounted for about 50 or so of the votes. It made me feel great to see that.

BTD: What has been the reaction to your appearance on Top Design?

JG: Of course anyone who comes up to me and talks to me is great and polite and says things like "that artist guy totally should have gone home!!!!" or " How did you keep from slapping that kid I would killed him, he grinded my nerves etc..etc..","You made the show".

My favorite was - A guy walked up to me the first Saturday after the first show aired, in a gay bar nonetheless and says "I thought you didn’t like gay people?" I'm like "WHAT???????????????? just keep watching buddy."

Honestly the only negative things I ever heard were from the blogs. They did hurt to read, I'm not going to lie so if you're reading this and your intention was to hurt my feelings, you succeeded, but LUCKILY I'm able to let things like that go immediately after.

Click here to continue reading our interview with John as we find out what his childhood bedroom was like, more on his HIV revelation and how he got that scar over his right eye.

Here's Heather!

BTD is pleased to welcome in "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Top Design. She kicks it off with a look back at Episode 2:

Ahoy Top Design!

So the folks here at BTD have been kind enough to allow me to just not go away. They must have had a few cocktails to agree to this right? Well, I’m running with the opportunity while they are still a little hung-over and confused about what they agreed to.

I’m new to the blog world so give me a break while I get my sea legs….harhar.

Jumping right in, I was really surprised to hear John’s HIV confession. I must admit, John made me very nervous. He came off like a very angry person and I was a little scared of him. His announcement made a lot of sense to me and I wished I had known about his testosterone shots when I was there. I would have more open to getting to know John had I understood that his nature was being altered with treatment. I also thought it was inspirational to hear that he had been positive for 13 years. John is a great success story for others living with HIV.

On to the challenge. I kind of loved it. Of course it was shady to withhold bed size and not offer a few options to change up paint or a couple of furnishings, but I have a little “latered” advice to all my fellow contestants. Always prepare for a twist. I must tell you that I watch way too much TV and the twist is the staple of every competition show. It’s not real world accurate, but it makes watching a lot more fun. And as I am now Monday morning quarterbacking, I want it to be fun. Sorry guys!

Click here to continue reading Heather's debut venture into the world of blogging.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Video - Make a MashUp

Have a little Top Design fun of your own by making a MashUp. Click here to see an example and then click here to create your own video. Each week more clips will be added making the process even more fun.

Watch what happens!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

From The Mailbox

Todd Oldham was at the Betsey Johnson Show. Thanks Megan!

Also, here is an interview with John Gray on OUTzone.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's week #2 of Top Design and our recap specialists are finding their groove:

Don't miss Kora In Hell this week!

Much hilarity at Kora In Hell this week including Margaret Russell haiku and the Cheshire cat room...

Do we still have to go through the motions of linking to Tom & Lorenzo? In the off chance that you haven't already discovered their fabulosity, go there already!

Moi shows you what you can do with $600 and a whole lot of attitude...

Could the designers adapt to the 10-year olds? Elisa says no...

Neither fever nor bad design can stop the Grits to Glitz girls this week...

The Oompa-Loompas make an appearance at The Quiet One...

Somehow, Eric3000 has access to conversations that we never get to hear...

Linda Merrill has established herself as the smartest TD recapper out there...

Pink Navy joins the line-up!

Thank you recappers! Don't see yours here? E-mail the team at BTD.

Katy's Take: Episode 2

BTD welcomes back Project Runway designer Katherine Gerdes for her exclusive recap of Episode 2, "Child's Play".

Hola kids-

So I don’t know about you, but I was definitely more into this episode than I was the first week. I liked that the designers got to show their stuff and work on their own and of course kids rooms are always fun! My only complaint is that I wish they showed more of the kids in their rooms.

Also, I’m not sure how you feel about the final catch phrase “See you later, decorator” but I did NOT like it at all…that was until I read Jonathan Adler’s blog this week on Trust me, if the catch phrase bugs you, take some time and read his blog. I still don’t like it very much, but I couldn’t stop laughing after reading his explanation, the other phrases he had thought of (example: “You suck. Good luck.”) and when he explains how you can integrate it into your everyday life. Funny! I wish there was more Jonathan time on the show. He makes me laugh.

Click here to continue reading Katy's Take as she gives her perspective on each of the room designs from this week's episode.

What's Great About This Show?

The best thing about the show for me is the casting. Let's start with the judges. Each one of them is uniquely professional and fun to watch. My favorite is Margaret. Could we get more Margaret, please? Todd's voice is great, isn't it? Read us a bedtime story, Todd! Jonathan is a blast and Kelly is like a Barbie Doll. It's going to be fun seeing what she wears each week.

I'm starting to love the designers too. After two episodes I finally have them all identified ("Okay that's Matt, he's the one who is married, with a daughter and built the playhouse....") Even after the second episode I was already kind of invested in John and heartbroken to see him go. Heck I felt that way about Heather after the FIRST episode. So I have to admit - I love the designers. I can't wait to see what they come up with each week.

Best of all, these folks already have strong fan bases. Michael's Minions are on board as well as strong advocates of Goil, Elizabeth, Heather, Andrea, and John. Their friends, relatives and co-workers have been e-mailing us to let us know how wonderful they are. How about the rest? I'm sure they will arrive soon. They probably are taking the "Don't talk to bloggers." message a little too seriously. If you look at BPR you'll see that "the bloggers" continue to cover the careers of the designers long after the show has ended. Bloggers are your friends.

In fact, if there is one single thing that is great about Top Design it is that so many bloggers have chosen to write about it. You can find their links in our sidebar. These are some serious bloggers with lots of experience who do this out of love and appreciation for the shows and the designers. The gayboys especially, have a huge following. This alone assures that many fans will be tuning in - just to be able to follow along with Tom and Lorenzo.

Okay readers, you can probably say it better than I - What is great about this show?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Preview Videos - Episode 3, 'Life's a Beach'

Click here for the Bravo's preview video for Top Design's third installment.You can click here for Yahoo's Top Design preview. And click here for another preview of the designers in the workroom.

Let the speculation begin.

What's Wrong With This Show?

The BTD/BPR Team will very rarely editorialize. We prefer to let YOU - the viewers, readers and recappers - comment on what is good and bad about the shows.

We have been reading your e-mails and looking over the comments here and at the other blogs and forums and it seems that the show is somewhat of a disappointment to many.

We've read comments about the "white box" that the designers decorate rather than an actual room with doors and windows. The fact that they are shopping retail in a very expensive design center leads us to wonder "Where did the budget go?" The "twist" of having to adjust the original design in Episode Two to a 10-year-old perhaps did not result in the most appealing rooms.

The challenge of pairing the designers into teams for the first challenge was not well-received. (Note how carefully I am wording these statements please...) The names of the episodes practically give away the challenges leaving NO ONE surprised when the kids were brought out. The previews were not very carefully edited. We could see that John was missing from the Beach Episode.

The phrase "See you later, decorator" makes the show seem like a joke or a parody - and Kelly's wardrobe doesn't help - but the designers are not actors - they are treating this seriously. I could go on and on...

But YOU can say it much better than I.

What is wrong with this show?

Andrea Keller Interview - Click Here

The fab folks over at FBLA have been following Bravo's Top Design. Last week they hosted a party that tool-wielding multi-linguist Andrea attended. This week she talks about how much work she did (did we mention that she's talented?) and Episode 2's child/client reveal.

Click here for the Andrea Keller interview.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Andy Cohen, Todd Oldham & BTD Love

Did you catch 'Watch What Happens' last night after Top Design? You can catch the entire series of videos. Don't miss Part 6 in which our very own Laura K and this very blog receives recognition!

We love you, guys!

Read What Liz Lange Had to Say

Click here to read a statement from Liz Lange regarding the rooms that the designers created and the challenge she faced as a judge.

Want to know more about Liz? Click here to read her judge bio.

Congratulations, Erik!

You responded well to the things that your client liked and you were able to make quick decisions that resulted in a very happy child. You created a playful room that would be the envy of any ten year-old boy that ever dreamed of being Jack Sparrow. Your room looked the most editorial and, well, fun! Well done, Erik!

Let's use this post to congratulate Erik; only positive words belong in the comments please.

Send Some BTD Love to John

You were battling some serious health issues and were thrown for a loop by the cost constraints. Your room showed the beginnings of a design with potential but sadly there wasn't enough time to take it as far as you would have liked. One of the best aspects of this episode was when you and Michael hugged, expressing forgiveness. Thanks for sharing your vision and showing your style.

This post is only for positive comments about John.

Your Turn to be the Judge - Episode 2

We saw the rooms that the designers created and now it is your turn to weigh in on the results. This week you get to be Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, Margaret Russell and Liz Lange. Click here to tell us who should have won the challenge. Click here to tell us who you think should have heard, "See you later, decorator."

Rooms shown at the left, from top to bottom, were created by Andrea, Carisa, Elizabeth, Erik, Felicia, John, Goil, Matt, Michael and Ryan. Click on the picture for a larger view.

UPDATE: Results are in. Click here to see your opinions.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Reactions to Episode 2

There was plenty of drama tonight on Top Design as John Gray revealed his HIV status. Post your reactions to Episode 2 here.

Episode 2 Party!

Even if Top Design got off to a slightly shaky start last week, the party room was in full swing! Bring your best virtual design dish into the BTD party room where there is plenty of snark and style.

It's a Wednesday night tradition. The party room is open!

BTD Live Play-By-Play: Episode 2

Join Tbone as he provides live play-by-play action of tonight's episode of Top Design.Who needs a Tivo when you have BTD?

Comments on this thread are for Tbone's use only. If you have something to say, proceed immediately to the party room above.

Click Here For Phaolo's Take on Episode One.

Poll Results For Episode 1

Our poll results are in for Episode 1 and you agreed with the judges this week. In our 'Who Should Have Won' poll, you said that Goil and Elizabeth had the best room. In the 'Who Should Have Been Latered' poll, you felt that Heather and Lisa needed to go. You can click on each of the pictures to see how you voted.

BTD Interview With Lisa Turner

BTD continues its series of interviews with the "latered" contestants as we check in with Lisa Turner. As the owner of her own interior design firm, Lisa has worked hard to set herself apart in a crowded field. After appearing on the show, she's already getting recognized without trying:

BTD: Hi, Lisa; we were sad to see you go so soon. How did it feel seeing yourself on TV?

LT: Actually, I did not see the show until two days after it aired. I was in Las Vegas at the Furniture Show and the hotel did not get Bravo. I looked in all the Lounges and could not find the channel. It was funny, the next day after the airing many people came up to me at the Furniture Show and talked about the show. I was trying to be incognito because I had no idea what I looked like and if it was bad or good.

BTD: What reaction have you gotten from your family about appearing on Top Design?

LT: I have a large and supportive family. I could never be wrong in their eyes. They loved it and of course thought Heather and I should have not gotten eliminated.

BTD: You’ve been a professional designer for several years and even own your own firm. Do you really work all day and all night?

LT: Work is my hobby and you can find me working in my office until wee hours in the late night and early morning.

BTD: Have you designed for any celebrities that we might know?

I’m not the type to toot my own horn. I have clients that I have signed agreements for privacy reasons. A few of my celebrity clients include Motown Records, Flyte Tyme Records, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Spike Lee and a host of professionals in the music industry and business professions.

BTD: What was your reaction to getting the casting call?

I was excited and then the fear set in. I had no ideal what to expect and what the challenges were. It was totally different than anything I have done before.

I was also concerned about my clients and the stages their projects were in and if they were patient enough to wait and not be disappointed.

Click here to continue reading our interview with Lisa Turner as she goes into depth about the first Top Design challenge.

BTD Interview With Heather Ashton

Each week, BTD will feature interviews with the "latered" contestants. First up is Heather Ashton who talks about what it was like waiting for the premiere, the support of her family and her love of the Florida Gators.

BTD: Hi Heather, we were disappointed to see you go so soon. How did it feel seeing yourself on TV?

HA: Disappointed? I think the word was Devastated. :) I’ve got to be honest….I was terrified about the actual airing. I’m a bit of a camera hog and I always assumed I would love the attention that accompanies this kind of thing, but I was a bit freaked out. The 2 months of promos eased the process, but it was still overwhelming.

BTD: Florida born and bred, what made you move to LA?

HA: I left FLA after college for NYC. I fell in love with New York, but after 6 years of bartending until 4 am, I realized I was a slave to the lifestyle and I was well on my way to a career of bartending. Not a good look after a certain age. Los Angeles allowed me to transition from restaurant work to design by first allowing me some much needed sleep. Then opportunity met preparation at The Standard.

BTD: We know you were rooting for the Gators in the BCS Championship, right?

HA: GO GATORS!!!!! I grew up on Florida Football. I’m such a fake city girl, all New York, LA, Miami, blah blah….When you put a SEC or regional college game in front of me…the southern super fan comes out. She ‘s kind of a bug, but what can you do? By the way, Gator Basketball champs and Football champs in the same year (calendar I mean) So Cool!

BTD: What reaction have you gotten from your family about appearing on Top Design?

HA: My mom was really nervous about the whole thing. She knew how much the experience meant to me and she just didn’t want to see me get hurt. She’s a great mom. My Dad was great too , but more pragmatic…like a Dad. He saw the show more as a business opportunity and encouraged me to treat it as such. Both were more supportive then I ever expected. No one thought I was nuts….which was unexpected.

Click here to continue reading BTD's interview with Heather Ashton as we find out more about the challenge and who her gay boyfriend was on the show.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

John Gray: "I'm HIV-Positive"

From USA Today:

(Wednesday's) episode of Bravo's new Top Design competition (10 ET/PT) offers a rare moment for reality TV: A cast member discloses that he is HIV-positive.

John Gray, whose temper-filled outbursts caused friction among the competing interior designers on Top Design's debut last week, reveals his anger was fueled by medication used in his treatment.

"I just want everyone to know I'm HIV-positive," Gray tells his fellow contestants. "I'm not making excuses or apologies."

Click here to read the whole story.

Bravo Press Release:

Pictured: Eric Kolacz ("Top Design" Contestant), Todd Oldham ("Top Design" Host) -- Bravo Photo: Trae Patton



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A brand new recapper has entered the field. Welcome Kanine.

Monday, February 05, 2007

From The Mailbox

First from TV Squad: The author give us five reasons why she SHOULD like Top Design.

Next, the Grits to Glitz sisters are back with their first Top Design podcast! Click on the link and go to episode #45 "How do you argue with a narcissist?"

Here is a link to Elisa's recap of episode one. Thanks Elisa!

Meet Goil Amornvivat

We continue our exclusive Q & A series with Top Design contestant Goil Amornvivat.

1. How did you hear about the show?

The ad was passed around at Parsons where I teach. I had recently left my old firm and was looking for new adventures. I remember looking at the ad and was like… Oh no! I am a day late! I called in anyway and got the last spot for an interview. I think they were curious of the (gar)goil.

2. Where did you audition?

My first audition was in New York with this wonderful lady named Jennifer. It was a good sign. In my life many good influences are called Jennifer.

After my interview I was told to come back with all my stuff to meet the producers. I remember Jennifer told me, “Aim to impress”. So I gathered all my work (some were the actual things, not just photos) the next day and went. The last audition was in LA! It was great fun. I felt like an American Idol contestant!

3. What is unique about you? What do you bring to the show that no one else can? What are you really good at?

What isn’t unique about me? I am part designer, part carpenter, part comedian, part poet and a whole lot of fabulousness! My old boss used to call me an “intuitist” because I am really good at concept design. It requires me to be fast on my feet and a good listener. Because English is my second language, I listen with everything I have; my brain, heart, and even things people don’t say. As a designer this is a critical skill. Trained as an architect, I can also (realize) build what I draw and make it stand up.

4. How did you learn that you made it onto "Top Design"?

It had been awhile since the LA round of eliminations (try-outs) and I was just going about my life. I really thought for sure I didn’t make it. I was working when the producers called. You can imagine how excited I was. It was amazing. I was screaming… “What am I doing wrong!!!”

5. Where will you be watching the show?

I am not sure yet – perhaps an undisclosed location, near far away- but I will have my good friends there.

Thanks so much, Goil; we'd like to hear more about the comedy, the poetry and the other Jennifer influences! Maybe we'll even talk in an undisclosed location.


We downloaded the free iTunes version of Episode 1, 'Mystery Client.' At the very end, there is a montage that appears to be from at least two episodes; you can clearly see Kelly, for example, wearing two outfits that differ from the pink, gingham frock from Episode 1. (We could pause and reflect on Kelly's ensembles alone! Go ahead and click on the image to the left to see them better - they are worth their very own speculation.)

But two frames have your team BTD all abuzz. Check them out!