Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BTD Interview With Heather Ashton

Each week, BTD will feature interviews with the "latered" contestants. First up is Heather Ashton who talks about what it was like waiting for the premiere, the support of her family and her love of the Florida Gators.

BTD: Hi Heather, we were disappointed to see you go so soon. How did it feel seeing yourself on TV?

HA: Disappointed? I think the word was Devastated. :) I’ve got to be honest….I was terrified about the actual airing. I’m a bit of a camera hog and I always assumed I would love the attention that accompanies this kind of thing, but I was a bit freaked out. The 2 months of promos eased the process, but it was still overwhelming.

BTD: Florida born and bred, what made you move to LA?

HA: I left FLA after college for NYC. I fell in love with New York, but after 6 years of bartending until 4 am, I realized I was a slave to the lifestyle and I was well on my way to a career of bartending. Not a good look after a certain age. Los Angeles allowed me to transition from restaurant work to design by first allowing me some much needed sleep. Then opportunity met preparation at The Standard.

BTD: We know you were rooting for the Gators in the BCS Championship, right?

HA: GO GATORS!!!!! I grew up on Florida Football. I’m such a fake city girl, all New York, LA, Miami, blah blah….When you put a SEC or regional college game in front of me…the southern super fan comes out. She ‘s kind of a bug, but what can you do? By the way, Gator Basketball champs and Football champs in the same year (calendar I mean) So Cool!

BTD: What reaction have you gotten from your family about appearing on Top Design?

HA: My mom was really nervous about the whole thing. She knew how much the experience meant to me and she just didn’t want to see me get hurt. She’s a great mom. My Dad was great too , but more pragmatic…like a Dad. He saw the show more as a business opportunity and encouraged me to treat it as such. Both were more supportive then I ever expected. No one thought I was nuts….which was unexpected.

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