Monday, February 05, 2007

Meet Goil Amornvivat

We continue our exclusive Q & A series with Top Design contestant Goil Amornvivat.

1. How did you hear about the show?

The ad was passed around at Parsons where I teach. I had recently left my old firm and was looking for new adventures. I remember looking at the ad and was like… Oh no! I am a day late! I called in anyway and got the last spot for an interview. I think they were curious of the (gar)goil.

2. Where did you audition?

My first audition was in New York with this wonderful lady named Jennifer. It was a good sign. In my life many good influences are called Jennifer.

After my interview I was told to come back with all my stuff to meet the producers. I remember Jennifer told me, “Aim to impress”. So I gathered all my work (some were the actual things, not just photos) the next day and went. The last audition was in LA! It was great fun. I felt like an American Idol contestant!

3. What is unique about you? What do you bring to the show that no one else can? What are you really good at?

What isn’t unique about me? I am part designer, part carpenter, part comedian, part poet and a whole lot of fabulousness! My old boss used to call me an “intuitist” because I am really good at concept design. It requires me to be fast on my feet and a good listener. Because English is my second language, I listen with everything I have; my brain, heart, and even things people don’t say. As a designer this is a critical skill. Trained as an architect, I can also (realize) build what I draw and make it stand up.

4. How did you learn that you made it onto "Top Design"?

It had been awhile since the LA round of eliminations (try-outs) and I was just going about my life. I really thought for sure I didn’t make it. I was working when the producers called. You can imagine how excited I was. It was amazing. I was screaming… “What am I doing wrong!!!”

5. Where will you be watching the show?

I am not sure yet – perhaps an undisclosed location, near far away- but I will have my good friends there.

Thanks so much, Goil; we'd like to hear more about the comedy, the poetry and the other Jennifer influences! Maybe we'll even talk in an undisclosed location.