Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's Great About This Show?

The best thing about the show for me is the casting. Let's start with the judges. Each one of them is uniquely professional and fun to watch. My favorite is Margaret. Could we get more Margaret, please? Todd's voice is great, isn't it? Read us a bedtime story, Todd! Jonathan is a blast and Kelly is like a Barbie Doll. It's going to be fun seeing what she wears each week.

I'm starting to love the designers too. After two episodes I finally have them all identified ("Okay that's Matt, he's the one who is married, with a daughter and built the playhouse....") Even after the second episode I was already kind of invested in John and heartbroken to see him go. Heck I felt that way about Heather after the FIRST episode. So I have to admit - I love the designers. I can't wait to see what they come up with each week.

Best of all, these folks already have strong fan bases. Michael's Minions are on board as well as strong advocates of Goil, Elizabeth, Heather, Andrea, and John. Their friends, relatives and co-workers have been e-mailing us to let us know how wonderful they are. How about the rest? I'm sure they will arrive soon. They probably are taking the "Don't talk to bloggers." message a little too seriously. If you look at BPR you'll see that "the bloggers" continue to cover the careers of the designers long after the show has ended. Bloggers are your friends.

In fact, if there is one single thing that is great about Top Design it is that so many bloggers have chosen to write about it. You can find their links in our sidebar. These are some serious bloggers with lots of experience who do this out of love and appreciation for the shows and the designers. The gayboys especially, have a huge following. This alone assures that many fans will be tuning in - just to be able to follow along with Tom and Lorenzo.

Okay readers, you can probably say it better than I - What is great about this show?