Friday, February 16, 2007

BTD Interview With Elizabeth Moore

Our interview series with the latered contestants continues this week as we catch up with Elizabeth Moore. We were shocked when Jonathan Adler called out her name, and so was Elizabeth:

BTD: Elizabeth, we remain in disbelief over your elimination. Our jaws literally hit the floor. Were you as surprised as we were?

EM: Yes I was surprised. I could not believe that they stretched that far to hone in on a color as the reason I was to go. The colors were absolutely a mutual decision. When discussing the color we started talking about the qualities that provided a respite, organic soothing environment. Erik picked the Green, it was Matt who picked the Gray and I just made a comment that said 'you know I had a dream about Burgundy last night', and it was Matt and Erik who said, 'well I will take that'.... and boom, our colors where born. If anything, I was not sure about our choice, nor was I happy with the colors. I just knew that we needed to make it work.

By the time Todd had come to mention it to us, the paint had been purchased. I did not sleep well the first night as I thought the color was far from what I would naturally pick. The fact that I was held accountable for the color and to be called 'Passive Aggressive' to me was mean-spirited and so incredibly off.

I have had so many emails from strangers expressing how disappointed they are and how I was an inspiration to them. I suppose if I was to have this reflected back to me on such a large scale, I was not the only one surprised. There are 2 judges in particular who use green quite a bit in their choices, it all became so weird especially when I did not pick the color!

Click here to continue reading our interview with Elizabeth as she talks about her time working for Prince, what it felt like being the Homecoming Queen and her love for her exceptional son. She also has her own suggestion for a new Top Design catch-phrase!

Shown below: Grandma chair by Elizabeth.