Friday, February 09, 2007

What's Wrong With This Show?

The BTD/BPR Team will very rarely editorialize. We prefer to let YOU - the viewers, readers and recappers - comment on what is good and bad about the shows.

We have been reading your e-mails and looking over the comments here and at the other blogs and forums and it seems that the show is somewhat of a disappointment to many.

We've read comments about the "white box" that the designers decorate rather than an actual room with doors and windows. The fact that they are shopping retail in a very expensive design center leads us to wonder "Where did the budget go?" The "twist" of having to adjust the original design in Episode Two to a 10-year-old perhaps did not result in the most appealing rooms.

The challenge of pairing the designers into teams for the first challenge was not well-received. (Note how carefully I am wording these statements please...) The names of the episodes practically give away the challenges leaving NO ONE surprised when the kids were brought out. The previews were not very carefully edited. We could see that John was missing from the Beach Episode.

The phrase "See you later, decorator" makes the show seem like a joke or a parody - and Kelly's wardrobe doesn't help - but the designers are not actors - they are treating this seriously. I could go on and on...

But YOU can say it much better than I.

What is wrong with this show?