Tuesday, February 13, 2007

BTD Interview With John Gray

BTD continues its series of interviews with the "latered" contestants as we check in this week with John Gray. John was at the center of all the drama in the first two episodes and after reading his interview, we definitely wish he had hung around longer:

BTD: Hi John, we had just started getting to know you and now you’re gone! Was it harder living it or watching it all play out again on TV?

JG: It was much harder going through it live, weirdly enough it felt better watching it on TV because I was basically on human auto pilot after I heard my name. I just had a horrible knot in my stomach ......iccckkk yukky feeling lol

BTD: You were an early favorite to win it all in our pre-season poll. Did you have your friends and family voting for you?

JG: I have a great base of clients and I am sure they voted but as far as I can tell it accounted for about 50 or so of the votes. It made me feel great to see that.

BTD: What has been the reaction to your appearance on Top Design?

JG: Of course anyone who comes up to me and talks to me is great and polite and says things like "that artist guy totally should have gone home!!!!" or " How did you keep from slapping that kid I would killed him, he grinded my nerves etc..etc..","You made the show".

My favorite was - A guy walked up to me the first Saturday after the first show aired, in a gay bar nonetheless and says "I thought you didn’t like gay people?" I'm like "WHAT???????????????? just keep watching buddy."

Honestly the only negative things I ever heard were from the blogs. They did hurt to read, I'm not going to lie so if you're reading this and your intention was to hurt my feelings, you succeeded, but LUCKILY I'm able to let things like that go immediately after.

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