Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's Heather!

BTD welcomes back "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Episode 4:

“Do you really want to be an interior designer?”

Such a loaded question Margaret posed to Ryan in the white room. Did you force a sports themed bed or a princess dresser on your parents as a child? Were you empowered by that first trip to IKEA when the Lak shelf struck you as sublime? Then you have been a designer. However, what Margaret refers to is completely different and actually speaks to an age-old question: can art exist without commerce? And without commerce, how is art ultimately valued? Or was she just irritated with Ryan for taking it too far?

I really do have to get a few things out of the way. Did anyone one else notice that the words Otis School of Design were dubbed? Hmmmmm. And Zeal was paired with Goil? Was it me or was Andrea’s student so besotted by Andrea that his opinion could be summed up by the word “dude!”? I had a hard time placing Felicia’s student until the judge’s walk thru when I had an All About Eve moment. That kitten has claws F, do not let her intern!

Click here to continue reading Heather's take on Episode 4 - she actually likes Ryan's room!