Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here's Heather!

BTD is pleased to welcome in "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Top Design. She kicks it off with a look back at Episode 2:

Ahoy Top Design!

So the folks here at BTD have been kind enough to allow me to just not go away. They must have had a few cocktails to agree to this right? Well, I’m running with the opportunity while they are still a little hung-over and confused about what they agreed to.

I’m new to the blog world so give me a break while I get my sea legs….harhar.

Jumping right in, I was really surprised to hear John’s HIV confession. I must admit, John made me very nervous. He came off like a very angry person and I was a little scared of him. His announcement made a lot of sense to me and I wished I had known about his testosterone shots when I was there. I would have more open to getting to know John had I understood that his nature was being altered with treatment. I also thought it was inspirational to hear that he had been positive for 13 years. John is a great success story for others living with HIV.

On to the challenge. I kind of loved it. Of course it was shady to withhold bed size and not offer a few options to change up paint or a couple of furnishings, but I have a little “latered” advice to all my fellow contestants. Always prepare for a twist. I must tell you that I watch way too much TV and the twist is the staple of every competition show. It’s not real world accurate, but it makes watching a lot more fun. And as I am now Monday morning quarterbacking, I want it to be fun. Sorry guys!

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