Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Here's Heather! - Episode 3

BTD welcomes back "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Episode 3:

Topless Women and Motorboats

I’m not sure what happened, but I can only assume the hangover became a bender and the powers that be at Blogging Top Design are too busy doing shots and Karaoke to watch content so I snuck back in. Seriously, thank you for all the positive comments. Big ups to Blogging Top Design asking and Bravo for letting me.

Episode 3….well to be honest, once the teams were discovered, I knew the outcome, so instead I focused my other loves: fashion and boys. Michael said it “It takes a gay village to build a cabana.” Allow me to translate. Interior design is never the product of one person. Like film, it takes a well connected group of people to execute a successful project. Team St. Tropez and Team Tahiti both were lucky enough to have the input of an architect. Team Miami, created a great structure, but Goil and Andrea’s influence took the cabana off the beach and elevated a simple place to escape the sun to a conceptual sculpture. Team Miami was working behind the eight ball from go.

Click here to continue reading Heather's "graphic" take on fashion, half-naked boys and cabanas.