Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BTD Interview With Lisa Turner

BTD continues its series of interviews with the "latered" contestants as we check in with Lisa Turner. As the owner of her own interior design firm, Lisa has worked hard to set herself apart in a crowded field. After appearing on the show, she's already getting recognized without trying:

BTD: Hi, Lisa; we were sad to see you go so soon. How did it feel seeing yourself on TV?

LT: Actually, I did not see the show until two days after it aired. I was in Las Vegas at the Furniture Show and the hotel did not get Bravo. I looked in all the Lounges and could not find the channel. It was funny, the next day after the airing many people came up to me at the Furniture Show and talked about the show. I was trying to be incognito because I had no idea what I looked like and if it was bad or good.

BTD: What reaction have you gotten from your family about appearing on Top Design?

LT: I have a large and supportive family. I could never be wrong in their eyes. They loved it and of course thought Heather and I should have not gotten eliminated.

BTD: You’ve been a professional designer for several years and even own your own firm. Do you really work all day and all night?

LT: Work is my hobby and you can find me working in my office until wee hours in the late night and early morning.

BTD: Have you designed for any celebrities that we might know?

I’m not the type to toot my own horn. I have clients that I have signed agreements for privacy reasons. A few of my celebrity clients include Motown Records, Flyte Tyme Records, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Spike Lee and a host of professionals in the music industry and business professions.

BTD: What was your reaction to getting the casting call?

I was excited and then the fear set in. I had no ideal what to expect and what the challenges were. It was totally different than anything I have done before.

I was also concerned about my clients and the stages their projects were in and if they were patient enough to wait and not be disappointed.

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