Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meet Andrea Keller

We continue our exclusive Q & A series with Top Design contestant Andrea Keller.

1. How did you hear about the show?

I got an email from Sammy Choi, the president of Otis, who had forwarded it to my department head (at architecture, landscape, interiors) . . she passed the email along to all her faculty. I was in the middle of sending emails at work and I got the message about the show, saying that here was a number to call if I was interested. . so 5 minutes later I was on the phone with casting.

2. Where did you audition?

I made the first phone call and had an appointment with casting a couple of hours later, literally that same afternoon, in l.a. They called me back for another appointment 4 days later, then again a week after that. Each time they made a videotape of me and there were more and more people in the room. I have never been through anything like this, didn't know what to expect.

3. What is unique about you? What do you bring to the show that no one else can? What are you really good at?

I think that I am unique because I can kind of do anything - from sewing and cooking to knitting, power tools, construction, total MacGyver . . and I have a "regular" job as an architect. I have a very classic / conservative education and a serious profession, but I love making things with my hands and having a lot of fun with it. So I’m conservative and irreverent, very resourceful, and I just love construction and a mess. I’m not from the interior design world; I’m coming at it from another side.

4. How did you learn that you made it onto "Top Design"?

I was waiting so anxiously for a phone call, trying to be cool about it. I got a call on a Friday morning that we would be called that afternoon at 4 with the result. I was alone in the office, pacing, finally the phone rang, they thanked me for auditioning, and then said congratulations. I opened a beer at that point, didn't know what to do but keep pacing, and was excited out of my mind.

5. Where will you be watching the show?

I will be watching from lots of places I think, going to see different friends and family each week. None of us know what the final show will look like! Can’t wait to see.

Thanks so much, Andrea; we're going to have to chat about power tools and kniting among other things!