Friday, February 02, 2007

Katy's Take: Episode 1

BTD is thrilled to welcome Project Runway Season 3 designer Katherine Gerdes as she provides exclusive recaps of each week's episode. Katy brings a unique perspective not only as a professional designer, but as someone who has been through the Bravo reality competition mill. Welcome Katy!

Hi guys! I’d just like to start out by saying a big “THANKS!” to the crew at BPR (and now BTD) for asking me to write a recap each week for Top Design. They have consistently been a great source of support and love for all of us PR designers and I know they’ll take equally good care of the Top Design crew.

For those of you who don’t know, last season on PR I started writing recaps from a designer's point of view of each episode for my website and then BPR. I try to keep my recaps based mostly on the actual design and not whether I’m a fan of the personality behind it. I do believe that in the real world a top designer needs to work well with others, because you can’t do it alone all the time, but, I also have first hand knowledge that what I’m watching at home is not the entire story and it’s hard for me to judge someone’s character based on the edited show I see.

One last thing and then I’ll get on with it… I am not an interior designer, and in fact, I have the hardest time making my living spaces look good and always have to get my mom to help (thanks mom!). For example, the comment that the judges made about Erik & Carisa’s empty coffee table would have never crossed my mind. With that said, I do believe that as a fashion designer (or any kind of designer for that matter), you have a eye for what looks good whether it’s clothing, furniture, cooking, etc… So with that in mind, I give you my opinion on the first week’s challenge:

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