Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Finally, finally the premiere of Top Design is tonight! It is really exciting to be in on very beginning of this show. Season One. The debut. The freshness. The innocence.

Your BTD Team has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing some new features for this new blog. We are delighted to have your support.

Do you love the colors and the styling of this site? The Scarlett has worked very hard to be sure that BTD had a unique and distinctive look that still coordinates with the theme of the "official" Top Design graphics. In my opinion, Scarlett outshines most of the "professional" web designers, and for you, dear readers, she does it for free.

We call our Phaolo "The Wizard." He is so creative and talented with images that many times they will fool us. We had several wonder if Tim Gunn was really dressed up as Santa, or if Laura K really dyed her hair red, or if they were looking at an actual ad for Laura Bennett's lipstick! Phaolo's humor has been very appreciated by our readers and we look forward to his uniquely skewed perspective on Top Design.

On Wednesday nights Tbone is our star. He will host the "Party" here as well as posting his blow-by-blow account of the show as it airs. Be sure to tune in tonight and add your comments to our party post.

As on BPR, we have some commenting guidelines which we are counting on all of you to respect. Basically, be polite, stay on topic, and don't call the designers or personalities ugly names. This is a family-friendly blog. Thanks for respecting it.

Immediately after the show we will put up our "Reactions" post and then tomorrow we will have a "Congratulations" post for the winner and "BTD Love" post for the "latered" contestant.

Will we agree with the judges? Maybe not! We'll post our "Who SHOULD HAVE been latered? and "Who SHOULD HAVE won?" polls as soon as we can get them prepared. This is one of our favorite features. Also, "Celebrity Judges" are notorious for making unpopular choices.... Hmmmmm....

Also look for our interview with the eliminated designer on Thursday or Friday.

If you are planning to recap the episode, we would love to feature you. Please let us know if you discover a new recapper. Send your links to Team BTD. Look for the Recapalooza on Friday or Saturday.

Your BTD Team members have seen the first episode and have weighed in on what we all think (LauraK's take, The Scarlett's take, Tbone's take, and Phaolo's take). Tonight, it's your turn to watch and weigh in.

Thank you for joining us at Blogging Top Design.