Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BTD Commenting Guidelines

Welcome one and all to the BTD community. Many of you have joined us here from Blogging Project Runway and we hope you will find BTD just as fun. It is important to our team to maintain the same level of integrity and respect for each other that we have worked hard to cultivate at BPR. We ask that everyone commenting on our site to please follow these guidelines to help make BTD a place we can all be proud of:

  • Please do not use our comments as a venue to pick a fight or bully other commenters. We have a very low tolerance for in-fighting. We are all friends here.
  • We have a special affinity to the designers on the show and support them whether they are the first ones "latered" or the Grand Prize Winner. Please be polite, no name calling. We expect family members of the designers will be reading your comments as well and we would like this to be a safe haven for them to contribute to the discussion.
  • No vulgarity! Several of our team members have young children that read our blogs and we don't want to be ashamed of anything appearing here.
  • Once you have stated your opinion, you do not have to continue reaffirming it. If someone else has another opinion just let it be. We like seeing all of the different opinions - all are valid and important to BTD. If everyone agreed on everything, our blog would be boring.
  • No spoilers! Speculation is fine but please, if you think you "know" something ahead of time, keep it to yourself so as not to spoil it for those who don't want to know.
  • No links in your comments, please. If you have something to share with the community please e-mail it to the team. Just as each designer has a "point of view", so does BTD. Please allow us to choose what items to feature.
  • Please stay on topic. If the post is titled "Congratulations Designer A!", don't use it as a forum to bash Designer B.

We don't expect you to agree with all of these guidelines, but we do ask that you adhere to them. Although we don't pre-screen your comments we do read every one. We may edit and/or delete any comment we find in violation of our guidelines.

So, once again, welcome and thanks for joining us. We are very excited about Top Design and look forward to making new friends!