Saturday, December 30, 2006

Second Impressions - Top Design Sneak Peek

I had the privilege of watching the 'mysterious' DVD of Top Design. While it said it was a 'rough copy' I have to say that video seemed very polished. I won't reveal any of the plot twists but I will say that so many of the elements of the show were engaging. At one point when the design deadline was nearing I realized that I was feeling genuine stress! This is a sure sign that I was completely drawn in. Now, some points of interest:

1. It was fun to see the designers' reactions when they learned the names of the host and judges. ("Todd Oldham?!? Shut UP!!!")

2. I absolutely LOVE the judges, especially Jonathan Adler.

3. This is the perfect venue for product placement involving home decor.

4. I wanted to see even more of the design process. Of course this means I'll be watching future episodes to satisfy that need.

5. I loved the different and quite distinct personalities of the designers.

6. I'm thinking that I'm going to be inspired to tackle some of my own projects because of this show!

7. I really wanted to see who won and who was eliminated. January 31 can't come soon enough. Hooked much? YES!

I have one big suggestion for Bravo's competition shows (Top Design, Top Chef, Project Runway). They should have the first challenge present only a winner (with immunity) and not an elimination. For me it is heartbreaking to know that I won't learn more about a competitor that I have just met. Well, maybe the eliminated designers will contact us and we can be their forum to showcase their post-Top Design endeavors!

Tbone will receive the DVD later today. Look for his impressions next!