Friday, January 19, 2007

Everyone Wants a Piece of Top Design

For a show that hasn't even aired yet, Top Design already has considerable interest from bloggers. Perhaps this is because of the presumed built-in fan base from other Bravo shows like Top Chef and Project Runway. Maybe even the success of blogs like our own Blogging Project Runway and our friends at Project: Rungay have inspired development of these new sites. We love the company and we hope that each of the blogs will have their own unique spin on this program. Of course we hope to be the primary source of news and community for this show in the same manner that BPR was your first stop for Project Runway information and interaction during and after each show is broadcast.

In the spirit of community and bringing you all things Top Design, we thought we'd point you in the direction of these other sites so that you can see what each has to offer. Of course we've already introduced you to the completely fab Project: Top Design as well as Chameleon Interior's ::Surroundings:: and Top Design Blogger. We've learned that our BPR friend Kora in Hell will be covering Top Design as well.

Exciting news this week is the launch of Top Design Fan Wiki which allows you, the fans, to edit the content of their page. This should provide some fascinating insight. Who knows, some of the designers themselves may go in and add information!

Top Design debuts at 11:00 on Wednesday, January 31 and we hope that you will join us right here for our very own party post. While your Team BTD has seen much of the first episode, we'll be watching the ending for the first time right along with you. We're excited to start a blog for the first time with the debut of a show; we're going to 'Watch what happens' and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride.