Thursday, December 28, 2006

First Impressions!

I'll admit that your team has been a little hesitant about committing to the show. Will it be good? Fun challenges? Interesting characters? Qualified judges? Or just another reality show full of bickering and backstabbing?

Blogging (the Team BTD way) is a big commitment and we just weren't sure. But there's a lot of time between seasons on Project Runway and your team is ready for something new. It's hard to imagine that a year ago I was Blogging Project Runway all by myself. Things are much better with The Scarlett, Tbone, and Phaolo on board!

Anyway, a press cut of the premiere episode mysteriously appeared on my doorstep a couple of days ago...

Here are my impressions:

First of all the judges are fabulous. Todd Oldham is a charming host. Jonathan Adler is adorable - I'm dying to hear more from him (always a good sign) and Kelly Wearstler is incredibly beautiful. We are accustomed to seeing Heidi Klum each week on Project Runway and she is stunning, but Kelly is equally lovely. Just my opinion. Of course, Margaret Russell is very professional and gorgeous as well. In all it is a wonderfully balanced panel.

On to the designers... So many designers, so little time. Honestly it seems like we barely get a glimpse of most of the contestants. I'd say in general the guys are getting more airtime than the girls, and the guys (at least in the first episode) seem more interesting.

I'm certain that the girls will come on strong in the next episodes.

The challenge itself is a lot of fun. If you read that the designers have $50,000 for a challenge this is true, but it is $50,000 of BORROWED merchandise that is moved from a showroom into the designers' spaces and then returned. Do not assume that Bravo has suddenly become generous. : )

I certainly have a favorite room. And a favorite designer. I also have a feeling about who will be out. For some reason my version of the show is missing the ending. I can't imagine what happened. Perhaps it was damaged in the mail. I guess I will have to tune on January 31st to learn the results.