Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here's Heather!

As we get ready for the Top Design finale, Heather goes ahead and gets all mushy on us:

Bring in the Violins

I still haven’t recovered from last week’s latering of my pal Andrea. I put all of the hope I had for myself in her after I left so I feel like I just got latered again, darn it! Not that I don’t have love for Matt and Carisa, but getting to know Andrea was one of the best things to come out of the show for me personally. She’s a great talent and we all will miss her level of experience and imagination in the finals. Too bad it couldn’t be three of them like Project Runway. Ok, I’ll stop.

But some cool things happened on the episode too. Michael Berman was the Interior Design judge during my round of auditions, so as he was part of getting me cast, he has impeccable taste! It was cool to see him appear as the guest judge.

We also got to finally see the genius that was Todd Time. Todd Oldham used to be the interior design guru on MTV’s House of Style and I was addicted to it! I loved watching him coach Matt on the proper way to jerry-rig a home upholstery job. I felt so nostalgic for the days when Todd would turn a dorm room into a college girl’s fantasy post teenage escape with like a dollar and a hot glue gun. Please more of that next season, Todd!

As I am still too bummed to make silly observations about last week’s show, I want to take a moment to say thank you to my pals at Blogging Top Design for allowing me to be a part of their blog. They have all been so encouraging and it has been a pleasure doing the recaps. Also a big kiss to the
PTD boys. Maybe I can still pull that Franco you’ve been angling for. And the only reason, besides the PTD boys, that would make me even consider “pulling a Franco” would be because of the support Margaret Russell has been so kind to offer me both through her blog and her interviews with Andy Cohen on the aftershow. Being asked to take part in the panel she organized and moderated during West Week here in LA was the highlight of my young career. I never thought being latered so soon would turn out to be such a positive experience! And finally thank you to every one that commented. I love you guys! I don’t think I have felt so high, then so low only to feel so high again. It’s been a very bi-polar year, and I wouldn’t change it for anything…well, that 100grand wouldn’t suck.

Back to my normal sarcastic self next week for the finals!!!!! Best of luck to both Matt and Carisa!

Awwww....we love you too Heather!