Saturday, April 07, 2007

BTD Interview With Goil Amornvivat

Goil Amornvivat quickly established himself as the early favorite on Top Design. He won us over with his unique design aesthetic as well as his personal wit and charm. The fatigue and pressure of the competition eventually took their toll on Goil, but not before he won a permanent place in our hearts. BTD checks in with Goil as we prepare for the finale:

BTD: (gar)Goil, pepper lovers everywhere have been shedding tears since your elimination. Any words of consolation to your legion of fans?

Goil: Thank you so much for your support and for watching the show. Let's hope this out-of-the-box move of being on a Realty TV show was a good move. I hope that you will hear more of me.

BTD: Are people recognizing you on the street? What's your reaction been to all of this?

Goil: Yes they do- I am always very surprised! My first thought is usually... "I wonder what grade I gave them" as I would think that they were one of my former students. A lot more people approach me now that I was 'latered'- all very kind.

BTD: You really set the tone for the show paired with Elizabeth, getting the win in the first challenge. What was your favorite element from that room?

Goil: We loved the swing and the sandbox. When we finished them, Elizabeth and I thought that the room was complete. For that challenge, we were the only ones who built our own furniture. I enjoyed making it. We approached the inner-sanctum as an abstract typology of an interior space. (As I have not labeled "inner-sanctum" in many drawings) Instead of using something known like, a "Dining room" or "bedroom", we responded conceptually. I was so glad to have Elizabeth as a partner. She was so fabulous and great to work with.

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