Friday, April 27, 2007

BTD Interview With Andrea Keller

We are smitten by Andrea Keller. To say that she is beautiful and talented is a ridiculous understatement. There is seemingly nothing in the creative world that is beyond her reach and we're pretty sure she would be successful on just about any show Bravo could cook up. We just couldn't leave Season 1 behind without chatting with her...

BTD: Hi Andrea! You almost made it to the finals – given the last 1,700 sq. ft. loft project, do you think you could have beaten Matt and/or Carisa in the end?

AK: A loft project is a dream project for me – I work in an old industrial loft space in downtown L.A. a couple of blocks from where the finale was shot, this is my life… I would have done something spectacular, about L.A., for L.A. I think I would have killed it. Yes, win. I like winning as you know! (laughing very hard right now… really I am a very sweet person, just who loves losing?)

BTD: What kind of space would you have designed for the finale?

AK: I would have done something that had a big area to make things, filled with art and craft supplies – everything from sewing projects to construction. The space would be very socially driven with a big dining table and lots of seating, and of course some private areas for retreat. Basically a great space for an (everyday) party, with very different ways of making/dividing space, and under it all very classic architectural lines.

BTD: Okay, so here are some of the things we’ve learned about you: you knit, you juggle, you are a mother of two boys, an architect, a punk rocker who speaks four different languages and a whiz with power tools. Is there anything you are not good at?

AK: I have zero ability to dance or sing and should never, ever be on a stage.

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