Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Welcome to BTD!

Your BPR Team is taking on a new show! We are very excited about Top Design and we hope that you are too.

You can expect the same positive and upbeat treatment of Top Design that we have given to Project Runway. Also, we plan to offer some of the same features that we offer on BPR. These include:

1. Tbone's live-posting of each episode.

2. The famous "Party Post" every Wednesday.

3. The always emotional "Reactions" post at the end of each new episode.

4. The "Congratulations" post to the winner on Thursday morning as well as the

5. "BTD Love" post to the departed designer.

6. Of course we wouldn't forget the "Who SHOULD HAVE won?" and "Who SHOULD HAVE been off?" polls. These are always interesting.

7. How about some recappers? Who will take this on? BPD needs a Recapalooza!

8. Hopefully we will have interviews with each designer as he or she leaves.

9. Hopefully we will get some previews of upcoming episodes.

10. One of our favorite features is the "Speculation" post where our readers get to predict what they believe will happen in an upcoming episode.

11. Any news coverage or articles that become available will be linked to in BTD. Once again, we aim to be "All Top Design - All the Time!" If you see any news coverage of Top Design or especially if you personally know any of the designers or personalities from the show, please write to us at Team BTD.

We have been hesitating to commit to this because we don't know much about the show. Will it be good? Will we like it? Blogging is only fun if we like the show. Otherwise - forget it!

Fortunately your team has been able to see part of the premiere episode already (no we don't know the results) and we will give you a little glimpse of our impressions. Tune in tomorrow for Laura K's initial impressions of the first episode.

Is anyone getting excited about Top Design?