Saturday, December 16, 2006

Designer Bio - Heather Ashton

Age: 36

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida, currently resides in Los Angeles

Profession: Assistant Designer and Project Manager at Mary McDonald Inc.

Education: Bachelor's degree in building construction from the University of Florida

Heather's journey into design was a unique one. After moving to Los Angeles, she got a job as the restaurant manager at The Standard hotel. When she heard there was an opening in their design department, she convinced the owner to give her a chance. Given her background in building construction and her knack for design, the opportunity provided her with an excellent jumping off point.

In addition to her design work at The Standard, Heather also worked on the Los Angeles nightclub Privilege and a wine bar, Tosca.

Heather is extremely passionate about design as a whole and chose interior design due to its ability to affect thousands of people, whereas a couture dress only has the ability to affect one.