Monday, December 18, 2006

Designer Bio - John Gray

Age: 40

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, and currently resides there

Profession: Owner Gray Consulting, Inc.

Education: Self-Taught

Completely self-taught with 16 years of design experience, John has proven his design talents in his hometown of Chicago, but now he feels it's his time to show the world.

John started in retail and merchandising and with just $25,000 he opened up his own furniture store. Seven years after opening the store, he sold it to the one man who told him he couldn't start a furniture store with $25,000 in the first place.

Without even a high school diploma, John has parlayed his dream of being a designer into a reality. Now the owner of his own firm, Gray Consulting, Inc. in Chicago, John and his designs have been featured in numerous Chicago publications. He is particularly strong in paint and construction, and focuses his talents on designing homes even though he says he's allergic to the suburbs.

A big personality with the drive to do it all, John has a range of styles and there's never a dull moment when he's around. He compares his life to George Michael (the singer): “I think our lives have both had some serious ups and downs. I can relate to the roller coaster ride.”