Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recapalooza for Episode Two

It's our favorite time of the week - let's check out what some of our bloggie friends are saying:

My Monkey Could Do That does a great play-by-play.
The Egoiste wonders what our children IS learning?
Design Crisis gets the award for the catchiest title.
Becky on Decor8 thinks the designers are watching too much HGTV.
Fu for Thought is providing a valuable lesson in geography.
Eddie Ross tells us his inspiration for the Tree of Life wall art.
Hooked on Houses wonders about Kelly's wardrobe choices.
The Recapist clues us in as to what different aesthetics means in designer-speak.
AfterElton is wondering if Kelly is off her meds...
Everything Eric is seriously thinking about the future.
Ciffieland wonders about the timing of this episode.
TLo offers their unique wit and wisdom.

Got a recap to share - let us know!