Monday, September 15, 2008

Designer Reunion: Michael R. Adams

We welcome back Michael Adams to Blogging Top Design! Michael was clearly one of the strong "characters" on Season 1 - he was either loved or hated. Those who loved him formed a passionate Michael's Minions group on MySpace; those who did not were no less vocal. But, through it all, Michael seemed to retain his sense of self and a great sense of humor.

BTD: How is business and what have you been up to since TD1

Business is great. I just finished my 1st large project where I combined 2 Upper East Side brownstones into one 12,000 sqf home that consists of 14 rooms, 2 kitchens and 8 bathrooms and cabana. I have been working on this project for 3 years its incredibly fulfilling to see a project of this scale complete and I did it!. I have 2 great new projects beginning this fall and am super stoked. I was also asked to participate in my idol famed interior designer Albert Hadley’s charity show house Rooms with a View this November.

My personal life has remained about the same I have my amazing BF of 5 years Joe and my Pooch Coco. We just live a very low key Brooklyn lifestyle lots of lawn bowling and Budweiser.

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