Saturday, September 20, 2008

Recapalooza for Episode Three

Julia from Hooked On Houses continues to educate the masses.
Donna Kauffman disagrees with the judges on this one.
DecoDivaDebi does display [windows] and offers her professional opinion.
My Monkey Could Do that sums it all up nicely.
Dan McCallum at After Elton is questioning ages and threatening to cut someone in half to count the rings...
Check the Weekly Dish by Becky from Hatch over on Decor8.
CasaSugar is sweet on Top Design.
Carly at Design Crisis selects THE Top Design of window displays.
TLo says "Ugh"

...and [a little shameless plug pour moi] I have a post about my thoughts on the season so far over at my blog ::Surroundings::, so come on over!

A couple of late additions:

Cliffieland dubs Andrea and Preston "Team Schroedenhunk".
Eric3000 steps in for a jet lagged Other Eric. Welcome back E3k!