Saturday, September 06, 2008

Recapalooza for Episode One

Episode One is done and we visit some of our favorite bloggers to get their take:

My Monkey Could Do That has a great play-by-play.
Becky of Hatch, the Design Public blog is dishing Top Design over on Decor8.
Dan from AfterElton laments the loss of SYLD (aka See you later, Decorator)
Julia is Hooked on Top Design.
The Recapist does her thing.
Erin from Elements of Style thinks the designers were being prima donnas.
Other Eric of Everything Eric has taken over recapping from Other Other Eric from Eric3000. Get it?
Fu For Thought noshes on Episode One.
Leah at More Ways to Waste Time is feeling the love for Wisit.
Cliffieland Reality Show Drinking Game is underway!
Moodboard throws some vintage Ricky Schroder into the mix.

Doing a recap? Let us know!