Sunday, September 07, 2008

Designer Reunion: Erik Kolacz

A fan favorite from season 1, Erik Kolacz showed himself to be level headed in a crunch and loaded with lots of talent. Who can forget how Erik turned his adult bedroom project around on a dime and turned it into the perfect pirate themed escape for a 10 year old? Erik stops by to let us know what he's been up to.

BTD: How is business and what have you been up to since TD1?

EK: Business is wonderful, I am working hard and working on projects that I really enjoy. Since the show we sold our condo at the Montgomery in Chicago and purchased a great single family home. Now of course its my mission to make it ours. It is my newest obsession. Another highlight for me this year will be my involvement with the Dream Home at the Merchandise Mart Here in Chicago. I was asked to do the foyer this year. And let me just say it will be damn sexy! The Dream Home opens on September 24th and will run thru December. If you're in the area check it out. I have also made a really strong effort to donate more of my time and resources to causes I believe in. I have been pretty blessed the last couple of years, Its time to pay back a little.

The show brought attention to me and my firm from areas that I did not do a lot of work in previously. I have been lucky to work with some real big name companies on a number of projects. Cocktails by Jenn, Out Magazine, Sargento Cheese, and Basil Hayden's just to name a few. I also had the opportunity to work on Oprahs Big Give Chicago this year. A team of 6 of us raised over 450,000.00 Dollars in 4 days for a local shelter here in Chicago. Yes I said Oprah! 4 Days and a half of a million dollars! My new goal is to work on my own show. If you know anyone in the business please send them my way.

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