Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"See You Later Decorator" is LATERED!

Jonathan Adler's pissy and universally reviled (ok, reviled by me) "See You Later Decorator" send off from TD Season 1 has been latered, according to a story in the June 28th New Jersey Star Ledger.

All hail the smarter heads (aka Magical Elves!) that prevailed to remove a send off that was neither teutonically terse like Heidi's "Auf Wiedersehen" or gentle like Jaclyn's "You've made your final cut" or even cutting like Donald Trump's "You're Fired"!

So, what will the designers hear when they are sent back to the workroom to pack their scale rules, swatches and paint brushes?

India Hicks intones "We can't live with your design" (in a clipped British accent, of course).

So, then, the question is... will they still be "latered"?

Also, I noticed in the new video that I posted earlier that India is not only the host, she will also sit on the judges panel.

Images courtesy of BravoTV.