Monday, August 18, 2008

Designer Reunion: Ryan Humphrey

Image courtesy of Bravo

This week, we welcome Ryan Humphrey back to BTD! Ryan, an artist, came to Top Design with a different resume than most of the season 1 contestants and never strayed to far from his artists perspective on the tasks at hand.

BTD: How is business and what have you been up to since TD1?

RH: Since TD1 (sounds like an STD!) I have designed posters for The Beastie Boys, and Dolly Parton, created over 100 t-shirt designs for Old Navy, been commissioned to do a sculpture for The Progressive Art Collection - Which is a completely customized John Deere Gator, complete with stereo, cb, air horn, custom paint and rims. I have participated the aqua art fair in Miami and the pulse art fair in NYC. I am also preparing for my solo exhibition at DCKT contemporary which opens September 18th, 2008 which is titled 'All Or Nothing.'

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