Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tim Gunn declares Kelly Wearstler is "IN"

If you listened to Tim Gunn on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens" show last night, you heard our own Scarlett ask about Kelly's wardrobe. Although Tim sounded a little verklempt that it was our blogmistress on the phone he recovered enough to answer that yes, indeed, Kelly Wearstler is "IN."

Personally, as a big fan of fleurchons (and the bigger the better) I salute Ms. Wearstler for her daring fashion. Her outfits each week provide more entertainment than any of the designer challenges. Who else could combine a t-shirt, a strapless floral number with a ruffled flamenco-costume train, a giant fleurchon on the knee, gray leggings and lilac stilettos with such confidence?

Thanks Tim, for confirming what we have known all along. Kelly's wardrobe rocks!