Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Here's Heather!

BTD welcomes back "latered" contestant Heather Ashton for her exclusive commentary on Episode 5:

Better late????

So that lost hour on Sunday morning turned into a lost weekend and then a lost Monday; I got a little flustered by DST. Don’t hold it against me.

Let’s just say it ... this challenge kind of sucked. The intention of the challenge was cool and I liked that for the first time, the project yielded a lasting benefit. I usually shy away from any socio-political comments, but after 5 episodes of tear downs, I have started to become mindful of the amount of good design and solid materials that could have potentially made some folks happy outside of the controlled setting of the cubes. And after spending way too much time reading comments all over the blogs, team challenges bum everyone out. While I have my little soap box out, I have one more idea. I think season 2 should be teams, like Amazing Race with paint and hammers. It would eliminate the need for team challenges since the teams would have enough people in them to complete the challenges in the time allotted. Plus the teams would have the same design approach and aesthetic so you wouldn’t have to see the confused collaborative effort of a bunch of designers with widely different tastes. f course I think I’m a genius, but what do you think? Anyway - what am I supposed to be talking about?

I have had some pretty shady design gigs while building my resume, but cleaning someone’s garage ... I’m with Ryan. Even Matt offered the solution to torch the whole thing. I think the team did an amazing job with what they had to work with and the family seemed pretty happy on the reveal.

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