Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BTD Interview With Erik Kolacz

It's Erik with a "k" day on BTD! We are thrilled to check in with the birthday boy who was latered far too soon:

BTD: Erik, we were sorry and surprised to see you go. What did it feel like watching yourself on TV?

EK: I was sorry too. I should still be there. I think I was just a little too real for reality TV. I wasn’t going to cry, kick or scream my way thru the show, that’s just not me. In the end my drama was not enough. As far as watching! It was different watching myself at first. The picture of “me” in my mind was a little different than what I saw. It was all in good fun.

BTD: Those eyebrows of yours look like they could do some pretty interesting tricks. Tell us a little bit about your “magic eyebrows.”

EK: I have been working on these eyebrows for years. I’m not kidding. As far back as 7th grade I would sit in front of the mirror and practice. I’m getting ready for that point in my life when I’m real old and have a magic dancing unibrow!

BTD: How did you get interested in interior design?

EK: As a kid the only thing I ever wanted to do was build cities or houses. We had a small woods by our house growing up and every year we would rebuild our forts. Mine was the only one with skylights and a water feature. I also L-O-V-E legos. They are the perfect toy! I should be a spokesperson!

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