Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TGIW and a little mail

It's Wednesday and our designers are being put to the test (an no, not the "how do we take Kelly seriously looking like that test") - a Design Triathlon! My expectation is that they are required to do three small solo challenges each. Or, perhaps they're spaces have to have three different design techniques (painting, sewing, woodworking, cave drawing...). Well, I'm not usually good with predictions.

Speaking of predictions - The High Schooler has been doing well in this regard and he's sent over his Episode 5 thoughts.

Margaret Russel (r) with designer Celerie Kemble (whom I met last week in Boston!) on Monday. Image courtesy of New York Observer and

A big GET WELL for lovely judge Margaret Russell who, according to the New York Observer, fractured her ankle on her way to a dinner party Jonathan Adler's house. Those crazy judges! (but seriously, get well MR!)

We all need a little Big Daddy. Here'a a nice interview on CreativeLoafing.

Eddie Ross' blog has hit the design blog world with a sledgehammer. A beautifully decorated sledgehammer, of course.

Speaking of Kelly, she wrote the foreword to a fantastic new book Regency Redux. Check out my review.

Join us tonight in the Party Room at 10:00PM as we dish together. We all know that Kelly's hair will be the talk of the night. Hopefully, it won't overshadow the designers' work - but that's hard to imagine!

Following the Party Room, you will be able to post your reactions and comments, send love to the latered and congrats to the winner.