Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recapalooza for Episode Seven

Lots of recaps this week. Kelly's outfits play a big role in the commentary (and the TD production stylist can now ask for a raise), Eddie's comments get some attention and body parts are always popular! Onward...

•Fans of Reality Television provides a great play by play. Check 'em out if you missed the show.
•Karen at the Baltimore Sun laments Our first week without Wisit … ah, sad times.
•The future is a sparkly strip club says TVgasm.
•Moderndomestic says Space Age rooms bring yawns and heart attacks
•Kerrianne takes on Scary Kelly's wardrobe.
•And Kelly's turban (the talk of blogdom this week) is taken on over at DeSmitten.
•Everything Eric sees a Boring Future after this epi.
•Erin at Design Crisis comments on the Science Fair Project on Steroids and wishes they were given another day
•Becky from Hatch and Decor8 covers Kelly's comments, Preston's pronunciation of 'chaise lounge' and asks who has a tougher time with constructive criticism - Eddie or Kenley from Project Runway.
•The Recapist is missing her little singing angel.
•It Happened Last Night calls one room MC Hammer/Circus/Serial Killer chic. Who's is it?
•My Monkey Could Do That reminds us of Eddie's "Top Design" castmate cloning scenario.
•Cliffieland anoints Medium Madame Ethel Mertzola.

And, having nothing much at all to do with this episode, I wanted to share a post I did on ::Surroundings:: comparing the Project Runway finalists' designs to interior design. Just a little diversion.

Have a nice weekend and happy reading!