Saturday, October 11, 2008

Recapalooza for Episode Six

Epi 6 is done and we're down to the final six. Let's check out what our favorite bloggers are saying:

Becky over at Decor8 is blogging while tired (but then, who doesn't?) and shares her notes on the Bubb Report.
As usual, TLo doesn't mince words.
It's rock, paper, scissors with My Monkey Could Do That.
Moderndomestic asks "And this is supposed to showcase their individual design aesthetic how?"
Design Crisis says zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Reduce. Reuse. Respoiler - and so it goes on It Happened Last Night
Reality Check disagrees with the judges.
Donna Kauffman is having problems with Eddie.
Casa Sugar offers lots of episode pics.
Everything Eric turns Tim Gunn into a verb.
Cliffieland offers up the Ole' Switcheroo.