Thursday, July 24, 2008

A host and a mentor walked into the studio...

First - boy... India Hicks is tall! Above are new host India Hicks and newly established mentor Todd Oldham. In Season 1, Todd did double duty as host and mentor. The problem was that he was a little unsure of his hosting role and yet really shined as the mentor. He was so caring and warm with the contestants and you could tell he was bursting with great ideas and helpful hints. So yay for new producers The Magical Elves for seeing this and doing something about it. I really hope they show more of the back stage work process part and less bickering and dramz.

Now - the question is - what is the host role and what will Miss Hicks be doing? There is no host on Project Runway and on Top Chef, Padme Lakshmi is both host and judge. What exact role would we want to see?

A little more news: "With challenges ranging from redesigning a fall out shelter to competing in a full-on design triathlon, eccentric personalities and creative egos combine to fuel the competition."

Hmmm - what is a design triathlon?