Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swarovski Challenge Update

Don't forget that we are holding a fantastic BTD Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Challenge! Entries are starting to come in. The deadline is November 7th. If you've wanted to enter but are not sure how to create a design board - here's a GREAT resource. LauraK emailed over the link to Polyvore - a site which allows you to collect images from all over the web and drag and drop them right into a design board!

Here's a quick one I created for the Horizontal Peridot Glitterbox chandelier. It's free and the instructions are very easy to follow - so now there is no excuse not to enter!

Oh - and UPDATE to the prize package - not only do you get the chance to have your design ideas reviewed by Margaret Russell, and not only will the winner receive a signed copy of Margaret's book
So Chic, but Swarovski is providing a sparkly something something as well! (sorry - no chandeliers!).